The end of the year is a busy time for you. Getting the procrastinating patients in, since they have met their deductible for the year, and they can’t put off the work any longer. You’ve got year end reports and information to get to your accountant. Family and friends are filling the last available time on your already packed schedule.

Right now, is the time to decide what you want next year to look like.  I know, you have no time left on your calendar. So, in between football games, parties, and Holiday festivities, take a breath, and make a decision, that by the end of January, you’ll have your year designed – with dreams, goals, and visions.

I love to have these completed by the end of the year, yet, don’t beat yourself up, make a decision, and let’s get it done in January. I’ve got a date set, that I’ll be hosting a live MasterClass  on January 18th. I’ll host one during the day, and one, in the evening. Watch for emails, with more information. This will be live, and I’m not sure we will have recordings available.  11a MT and 6p MT on the 18th, you’ll want to attend one of these live.



For now, it’s the time to enjoy, to be present, not thinking about this past year, or the new one upon us. Enjoy right NOW.

Thank you for being part of the Dentistry It’s Personal Family. We appreciate you reading my messages each week, and the comments you make. We are grateful for YOU! You are a blessing to us, and to your patients.

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