New Chapter in Your Life: Consider the Idea of being Self-Serving!

Next Chapter in Your Life Starts by thinking about your passionate interests.Are you going through a new chapter in your life? Have you made some significant changes recently? A friend has made some major changes in her life. She’s looking hard at her career. She’s been in this particular field for some time, will she stay in it, or make a change?

This friend began looking at ALL aspects of her life. Where she is living, what she’s doing to support herself, and what she does in her free time. That’s the part where the new passion comes into play. Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to learn to ride a horse. Guess what? That is what she’s doing!

My friend is learning to ride a horse and loving it. As a result of making a choice to go for something that only she benefits from, she is gaining clarity about the rest of her life.  Yes, it also goes back to balance. All work and no play makes Jane a boring girl.

Start a New Chapter in Your Life…
by Focusing on Your Passions

Let’s go a little deeper into why this is so important.

Finding something you can become passionate about is self-serving. It’s for you.
When you like yourself and treat yourself well, you are much more enjoyable to be around. You also are more productive at work.  Home life goes better.
If you’re starting or considering a new direction in your life and/or career; it may feel awkward or uncomfortable.  In fact, it might feel like overcoming adversity to put yourself and your passion first.

Overcome Adversity of Starting…
a New Chapter in Your Life

Use Strength, Dignity & Grace to provide support as you travel this path.  As you place more value on your needs and interests, everything else in this new chapter of your life will fall into place in a bigger and more abundant way that you had imagined.

Strength:  It takes Strength to go after something you want.

Dignity:  You don’t have to defend why you want to do something, it’s because YOU WANT TO!

Grace:  You may get it right the first time you try; you may not. You may even have to try something else, because what you tried the first time, wasn’t the right thing for you. Grace helps you to honor your journey, whatever it may be.

Hats off to my friend.  Just as I’m thrilled for her, for finally taking horseback riding lessons, for going after something she has wanted to do for so long; she feels the same for me.  She is excited  as I pursue my passion of speaking and writing to encourage people to live with Strength, Dignity & Grace.

So, I want to know, what new thing have you tried lately that you’ve become passionate about?

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