Need Vs. Want

I was totally unaware of how much solicitation you, the dentist, gets on a daily basis through your inbox. My husband, the dentist, shared with me one day’s worth of emails. WOW!!! Most of it goes into his SPAM folder. That got me thinking,

I know that I have tools, ways, and information that will help you achieve success.

How do I break through to the noise you are hearing?

Spending time with loved ones = lifestyle

Spending time with loved ones = lifestyle

We had a 90 minute discussion of the challenges you face communicating with your patients on their ‘need’ and then turning that need into their ‘want’, then that becoming their ‘desire’. How does that relate to your own personal ‘want’ for success, turning that into your desire, and then seeking the ‘success’ that it takes to achieve it?

Your patient comes in with a toothache. Once you complete a thorough exam and determine that the patient wants out of pain AND can look down the road five to ten years from now, then you know that they want to keep their teeth. Only at that point can you can give them a treatment plan that they may buy into. If that same patient isn’t committed to keeping their teeth, your treatment plan will look entirely different.

Both patients want out of pain. One has a want (desire) to keep their teeth, which means they are willing to put in effort: coming in for multiple appointments, changing some habits, learning new modalities, getting out of their comfort zone, and making a financial commitment. The other patient only wants out of pain and most likely only wants the cheapest option available.

Let’s draw the comparison of those two patients and two dentists. Two dentists want success, defined by a specific dollar amount. One has a want to expand their definition of success to include lifestyle, which means they are willing to put in the effort, research opportunities, changing habits, learning new perspectives, getting out of their comfort zone, and making a financial commitment to be mentored. The other dentist only wants more financial success and is willing to trade his precious time for more money.

Both patients and dentists get what they want in the end. How they got to their end was determined by their want. So here is my question to you, what is your ‘want’, just like your patients’ ‘want’?

Reach out to us here at Dentistry It’s Personal, we know how to change your ‘want’ to a need, and provide the path to your own success, based on your desire.

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