How to Move Stumbling Blocks on the way to your Dream Life

You are going along, living your everyday life. You’ve defined your dream life, you know, the one you would love to live. And YOWZA! Out of nowhere you get sideswiped, and before you know it, you don’t know how to remove that thing that is in your way. YOU WANT YOUR DREAM LIFE!!!

So, how do you get back on track? How do you get rid of the stumbling block that is now in your way? Where do you begin?

First, let’s check in on your daily habits. Are you reading? I know, you want to scream, “Deanna, you don’t understand what’s going on!” I may not know your particular situation; I do know how to move forward. I’ve had to do it, more times than I want to count and be reminded of. And I’ve helped a lot of clients do the same.

Remember my previous post, How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything? Well, let’s apply this principal to our stumbling block. Whatever was working prior to the event (we called it a stumbling block) we return quickly to it. If your thoughts are so focused on your event, that’s where your energy goes, and you keep getting more of its kind. If in the garden of life you plant cucumbers, you will bring forth a crop of cucumbers. If your thoughts are of your event, it brings about more of your event. Now let’s plant new seeds. Go back to reading in a motivational or positive thinking book. You need new seeds.


Books I’m currently reading along with my Nook

Next, bring back to mind your dream life. What is it that you have gotten away from? That life you would love to live. You’ve designed that right? If not click the link below to get the PDF for creating it. Bring that vision back front and center, reviewing it, numerous times a day.

But what about that event? Let’s say it’s health. Well, part of your vision consists of health. Focus on the health you want. If it’s work, your vocation, keep your focus on that which you want your vocation to look like. Maybe it needs to be redesigned, if so, do that. Thoughts are seeds. If you are planting seed thoughts of what you don’t want, maybe your current reality, nothing can be produced but of that which you sow. Sow new seeds. New thoughts. Once you’ve returned to your way of living prior to your stumbling block, you’ll see opportunities to live that dream life you want. Yes, you will be different as a result of your event, your stumbling block. We all are different today, than the person we were yesterday. The more you do this, the more proficient you will become. This applies to your dental practice and to all other areas of your life. If you want specific help with this, please reach out to me through our contact opportunities. If you want help with designing that life you would love to live, download the PDF through the link below.

Get the Vision Statement Planner PDF Here


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