More of This; Less of That

Turning the page of the calendar to a New Year can bring about a feeling of excited anticipation for what may come, or sometimes a feeling of dread, because we didn’t reach our expectations for what just passed. Our natural tendency is to want more.  More time, more money, more fun, and maybe more love.

You know how physics and math work, in order for there to be more of something, we must have less of something too. If you want more of something, what are you will to give up. As in, more of _________; in order to have less of ________.

Let’s look at some examples that might clear up the cloudy confusion of this. You want to be in better shape. So, where on your calendar are you going to clear time, in order to go to the gym or exercise at home? Also, you may want to give up fast food lunches, and decide to get up 10 minutes earlier to pack a healthy and nutritious lunch that you meal prepped for an hour on Sunday afternoons. You gain more satisfaction of reaching your health goals, and give up the habits of a sloth.

dentist, vision, increase your production

In your practice, in order to increase your production, you may want to give up the “I’m always available for your dental emergency” way of working seven (7) days a week. So how are you going to increase production? First you DECIDE that you will work four and a half (4 ½) days a week. Next you picture how having regular days off every week, will create space on your calendar. You get in touch with the emotions of how that will feel. Then you pick a reasonable figure that you will generate every week, with an emphasis on increasing your favorite procedures, by say thirty three percent (33%). Picture what it will look like when you check your bank balance every week, and see increased revenue.

Coming from the vision/goal of what you want takes action, too. You don’t get to think your way to increase.

If you would like specifics in what this will look like for you and your practice, reach out to us, here at Dentistry It’s Personal. Also, we’ll be teaching a MasterClass on January 18th, with two convenient times for you. Click here to register. Following the live class, we’ll answer your questions, so clear your calendar and decide to attend.

Life is about choices. So what are you willing to give up, in order to have more?

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