Money Can't Buy You Happiness

Hiking trail

I’m happy when I’m hiking, because I generate the emotion of happiness.

When you saw the title of this post, what was your initial thought? Did you think, “Well I sure am happy doing the things that money allows me to do?” If you are like most people, be honest, your answer was something like my second question. When it comes to money you are happier with more of it, than less of it. So, let’s look at the whole money and happiness relationship. We’ll look individually at them, then how they relate to each other.

First, money is the currency that allows us to provide for our families, buy equipment for our clinics to provide service to our patients, and pay our team to assist us in the care we provide. Oh, and it pays for fun! I could go on and on. I know you get the idea. I’m grateful for all of the money, in advance, that I’ll ever make.

Next, let’s look at happiness. Now this might surprise you, we generate our happiness, much like a power plant generates electricity. It’s a choice–we can choose to be happy. There are Harvard classes on happiness, many studies of the brain and happiness, and stacks of books on happiness. What do they have in common? They all say that happiness is a choice. You get to choose whether or not you want to be happy.

So now, what is the relationship between money and happiness? Money is a necessity. Happiness is a choice. What would happen if we chose to be happy doing whatever it took us to generate the money we want/need (dentistry)? That’s really the question. Choose to be happy at the beginning of your day.  Do you think your team and patients will pick up on your mood/attitude? With that energy (our thoughts have energy), would more patients accept treatment plans? You already know I think they will. I actually know that to be true.

We made a decision to be happy and in turn our team was happy. Our patients had more of an opportunity to be happy, because of our generating the feeling, than if we chose the opposite. More work and treatment commitments are made which in turn generated more money.

Let’s look again at our original question. Does money make you happy? Not really. Yet, does happiness make you money? I’m going to say yes!

What do you think?

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