How Mission and Vision are Interconnected

I had an epiphany. I’ve been working on and writing a chapter for the ADA for their Practical Guide Series on Staff Appreciation. Hopefully, you have a mission statement for your clinic, along with a vision statement. You know how you want to show up and who you serve, and then, what it looks like while you accomplish that.

If you realize the importance of having mission and vision statements regarding your work, wouldn’t it make sense to have one for your personal life?

The epiphany was this; you may not realize that having a clearly defined mission statement at work is essential, along with the vision of it coming together. Depending on your education, not all Dental Schools emphasize the business end of practicing dentistry much. Also, depending on your mentor or senior dentist that is showing you the ropes, you may not even be aware of the mission and vision for your clinic, unless you wrote them, or were exposed to the significance of them.

Now you can wait until the publication comes out towards the end of the year, or keep reading. I’ll give you the cliff notes version, and also include the importance and similarity of your personal vision statement.

Let me give a little back ground. Our mind sees in pictures. If I say, picture and describe your front door of where you live, you wouldn’t close your eyes and see the word DOOR. You would see with your minds eye the material your door is made out of, the color, the details of the handle.  When we want to envision our practice and our life, we see in pictures.

doorway image from Denise

The mission of your clinic/office might be; “To serve downtown professionals with the most current technology in oral care for their cosmetic dental desires.” Your vision statement then could be; “At Whitest Straight Smile Centre we provide extraordinary care for our patient’s smile with the latest technology taken from Mars where we hover over during treatment while smiles are transformed into an out of this world look. Our team engages in intergalactic training monthly, enjoying weekly group lunches which are catered. Annually we participate in team training while enjoying the view from the moon. We participate in our Downtown Association, giving away $10,000 worth of free cleanings to the homeless every year during Earth Day, which keeps us grounded. Having fun is a daily endeavor.

I’m sure you can see, I had fun with the vision. Don’t let my humor be lost on you.

You too should have fun while writing your vision for your clinic. If you didn’t, go ahead and re-do your vision, it’s not written in concrete, it’s a living printed version of what you see for you and your team/staff.

So as I stated at the beginning of this post, not only should you have a vision regarding your vocation as a dentist, you also should have one for your personal life. When I realized this, my whole life shifted from being one of reacting to circumstances, to living from a vision. Let me tell you, with five children, there were a lot of circumstances to deal with.

Now that I have a vision that I created for my personal life, I no longer feel as if life happens to me. My life happens with me, BY DESIGN, from the vision I created for my life. One of my favorite quotes from Napoleon Hill is “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”  You have to know what you want, the direction of your actions, in order to live a life that you love.


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