Miscellaneous Part 3 of 3

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little series of miscellaneous information for growing your Dental Practice, improving yourself, and plain ole information. Here is part 3, of information, that if you take it to heart, you’ll improve your life.

Are you a nice person? Do you bully your team? Okay, so most people that aren’t nice and that bully their team, won’t admit it, and most likely won’t read this blog post. That’s the truth. I’m pretty sure, it’s not scientific, just true.

As the Dentist, you want your tray set up a certain way, the phones answered in a particular manner. That, seems reasonable. There are some ways your team can perform their jobs that you can expect and dictate, and other areas of how and who they are, it’s up to them.

Today, it might be difficult to insist on no tattoos or to cover them up, yet you may be able to, if that matters to you. You can require a “neat appearance” and no cleavage. Yet, requiring all team members to be vegan, that might be asking too much. If your religious beliefs are so strong, that you want all of your team to believe the way you do, you may have difficulty finding team members that have the working experience and religious views to match.

The bullying part may be constantly looking over the shoulder of your team, correcting them in front of patients, turning into meek little robots that do only what you demand, and have little personality. They may have such anxiety that they fear barking retribution for any infraction.

You may require the entire team to be at the office, while you are enjoying a ski trip to the Swiss Alps. They know not to request any time off, for fear you will threaten them with their jobs. I would qualify that as a “not very nice person”.  I’ve been Captain Obvious in my examples, yet you may want to put some rose colored glasses on to view how you treat your team.

Here are a few ways that you may want to consider for showing appreciation your team:

  • Sharing a morning gratitude practice with your team
  • Acknowledge hiring dates and anniversaries for individual team members
  • Provide “Designer Coffee” occasionally for team members
  • Have celebration lunches for birthdays and holidays
  • Gift cards to acknowledge meeting team goals
  • Allow the team to pick out “office wear”, individually or as a team, have name tags “blinged out”
  • Ask for participation in office competitions for pumpkin carving or stocking decorating
  • Car washing coupons to a great service
  • Tickets to their favorite sports team
  • Give a donation to a favorite charity in a team member’s name
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Fun covered dish for team members

There are many ways to acknowledge your team members. Be creative and I know you can add to this list. Be courteous in your manner and kind with the words you choose. Be intentional, in how you treat and respond to your team. They allow you to perform your work. They are part of what makes you a desirable dentist to treat your patients.

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