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You may have thought we were all finished with these miscellaneous posts, yet, here is another one! I know, the title is not super creative, yet I’m filled with hope that you’ve found value in the previous information.

We talk about GRATITUDE  quite a bit here at Dentistry It’s Personal (DIP). It’s because that is the foundation for much of what we teach. Whether you are looking to increase production, enjoy more of your life, have more time for what you love doing, or improve relationships, it begins with gratitude.

I know many professionals that undervalue expressing gratitude, and whatever their situation is, it doesn’t change much, because of the value they put on expressing gratitude.

As a bonus, we are going to take a deep dive into expressing gratitude, and specifically what that might look like. You may have heard about the gratitude rock, how keeping it on your bedside table, it becomes a visual reminder that before going to sleep, you list all of the things that come to mind that you are grateful for on that particular day. Then, bring to mind, that which you are most grateful for, and acknowledge out loud, what you are most grateful for, and thanking the source; you might refer to God, Universe, Source, The Divine, or whomever/whatever you want to thank.

Grateful. gratitude, Dentist

Grateful for the awareness of beauty in shadows!

Let’s go a little deeper and get more specific now that we have a foundation for our gratitude. If you want to increase production in a specific area, say hygiene recalls, or crown and bridge work, you must acknowledge what you currently have, and be grateful for it.  If you don’t appreciate your current production, why would you be given more? Take a look at your numbers, if you currently are producing four crowns a week, it’s not easy for your subconscious to accept that you are going to triple that amount. That’s why we promote increasing by 33%.  Emotionally, how will it feel to increase your crown production to over five a week? How will your bank account reflect the increased production? You will feel a sense of accomplishment  that you have increased your production. Then after you have maintained that amount for a month, acknowledging how grateful you are, you can increase again.

You may find, because you’ve increased your gratitude, specifically for crowns, that other parts of your practice are improving and increasing, be sure to acknowledge your gratitude for THAT!!! You’ll also find, that when we increase our gratitude, and our life increases, we want to express even more gratitude.

We are talking production here, but the same applies to other areas of your life. When I began practicing yoga, I offered gratitude, that I could practice at a level one, and enjoy it. Before even a month, I was able to move to a Level 1-2, and then take workshops, and participate full out. If you are someone that enjoys lifting weights in the gym or running, express gratitude for what you are able to do, and then set your sight on increase, and express gratitude, in anticipation of what you want.  As you can see by my examples, we first express gratitude in our life, for whatever it is we want more of, then we express it, in anticipation of that which we want more of, more happens.

Here is the real key, you should be as specific as possible, and with as much belief, feeling, and emotion as you can, that is REAL. This is important, you have to believe it. If you truly had more of ________, what would that feel like, what would your life BE like? It’s totally backwards to have, do, then be.  We begin with “Who would I be, what might I do, if I had _____.”

When I grasped this concept, this principle, my life totally changed. My health improved, my business improved, and my relationships improved, I kid you not. This not only happened with me, it has happened for my clients, just like you!

Even though we teach these principles to dentist/specialists here at DIP, these are not new, they aren’t trendy, they’ve been around and proven for over a hundred years in business. If you would like some specific help with this, reach out to us. We have existing programs, or we can tailor design one for your specific desire. We have a 100% proven track record.

I’m grateful you have found this miscellaneous series beneficial, thank you for reading and commenting. May this bonus post, be of benefit to you also.

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