Rules and Responsibilities of Mentee

1.   Be punctual and well prepared for meetings with your Mentor.

2.   Actively participate in mentoring activities and maintain a professional relationship with Mentor.

3.   Identify clear goals for both the Mentoring relationship and “Life Goals”.

4.   Engage the Mentor as advisor, resource person, source of support and encouragement, champion/advocate, sounding board.

5.   Remain open to feedback from Mentor while informing her of your need to express the suitability of advice, prior to acting on it.

6.   Carry out tasks and learning activities agreed upon with the Mentor. Follow up/through when advice is given.  Provide feedback to Mentor, be honest, yet tactful.

7.   Take initiative to drive the relationship, be responsible for thoroughness.

8.   Respect that the Mentor should not be expected to find Mentee a job, offer/friendship or continue relationship beyond the terms set out in the Partnership Agreement.

9.   Accept responsibility for all personal and business decisions, not holding the Mentor responsible for any outcome resulting from advice and/or assistance provided.

10. Keep any disclosure confidential unless the Mentor grants permission otherwise.