Me Time: Do You Take Time for Yourself?

I’m so excited to share this thought with you! Okay, so everyone is soooo busy. There just isn’t enough time to do everything on our “To Do List”. So the question of the day is, how do you take time for you?

Me Time creates life balance and helps you to not be cranky.Lately, I’ve been slammed. I will not use it as an excuse for something not getting done or not being able to do something.

Here’s the thing. I know that when my life isn’t balanced, I’m miserable to be around.

No dignity flowing from this gal.

My oldest daughter will continue saying to me, “So, Mom where is your Dignity?”, until I get some, as in, I stop whining.

Me Time is a Must for
Life Balance and Rejuvenation

Summertime there are extra challenges, if you have school aged kids, they’re around more, and need more carting around to their activities. I love having my kids home, I don’t like not having time for them. The balance is, I need time for just me too. It’s that balance thing.

The more you stretch deadlines the more you realize the possibility of flexibility.
So, I became aware of an amazing exhibit nearby. I stole away, and just went. I cancelled a networking event that I find important to attend. I wasn’t available for my kids that day. I had to travel to attend the exhibit. It was so worth it!

The biggest blessing, my friend stole away too! She was going through some stuff that I wasn’t aware of. We both experienced balance, and were rejuvenated because of our shared time together. WOOHOO!

Me Time Creates Time to Remember What’s Important

Are you missing out on opportunities because of your To Do List? Believe me, deadlines matter. Sometimes they aren’t life or death.

The more you stretch deadlines the more you realize the possibility of flexibility.You’ll figure it out, because it matters. Just like balance matters.

Me Time for Moms and Life Balance

One more thought on this “you” time. Being a Mom is important to me. I’m working full time and then some, for the first time in 21 years. I’m not willing to compromise on certain things. One of them is time with my kids in ways that I find significant.

My youngest daughter just moved up to the 18 hole division for her golf league. I walk the course with her on Mondays, just like I did for her older sister.

Me Time and Being a Mom

I love walking golf courses following family golfers. It’s as much for my enjoyment as it is for my involvement with a family member. I’ll work later hours on Monday, so that I can do what I want to do.

Me Time and Strength, Dignity & Grace

Strength, to find balance and fight for it, no one except you can find your balance.

Dignity, not to complain about imbalance, and overworked or too much to do.

Grace, when you don’t get it right and you’re out of balance. For others when they don’t have balance in their life.

So, how do you keep balance in your life? How do you take time for yourself? What do you do, just for you?

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