Marketing is All About You

We always begin with the end in mind. So when you are marketing your practice, what emotion and message are you wanting your potential new patient to have? Where does your ideal new patient hang out? Do they read old school newspapers? Are they a young mom with kids scrolling through Instagram? This is about YOU and what YOU want.

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If you are wanting to perform more crowns and do more bridges, patients that are older are probably getting their news through print media. Yet, they may be into techie kinds of things, in that case, facebook would be great.

If you want to attract new patients like you, then how you like to be marketed to, will be the same way you want to market to your ideal patient.

Plus add the fun factor into it. Talk it over with your team, ask them what they think, remembering that you get to make the final decision.

If you were to love marketing, how would that feel? What might that look like for your practice?

We don’t consider ourselves marketing experts here at Dentistry It’s Personal, YET we’ve figured quite a bit out, so if we can be of contribution, please allow us that honor.

Bottom line, how you show up, is about you and your vision for your practice.

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