Marketing is All About Others

For February, which yes, it’s Dental Health Month, here at Dentistry It’s Personal, we are focusing on marketing. Now don’t stress out, and think, “Oh great, another thing to add to my never ending To Do List.” It’s fun, and will benefit your patients beyond what you think.

I’m going to challenge you to create a Facebook post for every day for the rest of the month. Now that can be reposting something from another site, or creating an original one, from a picture of a patient (with a signed social media release from the patient), or from your team shenanigans. Have fun with it, for marketing is all about what you are doing for others, to inform or to cause enjoyment.

Let’s look at marketing from somewhat of a different approach. Here is a beautiful quote from a video I watched of The Dalai Lama:

“No one wants to be miserable, the cause of happiness is

giving benefit and joy.”

meaningful life

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Taking a different perspective for your marketing, I believe, will give you different results, for you personally, and for your practice. You can also engage your team in assisting you.

Do an experiment, how might you benefit your patients; with how you show up online, through social media posting, and maybe even an article for your local newspaper. Give quality content, and by all means, have fun! It has the potential to cause increased happiness in YOU.

Go ahead and share to our FB page and repost your content, or better yet, tag us on your original post. I love sharing what you share (and it’s increased exposure for you). Don’t forget, we are on twitter too.


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