Making Time to Get Away

What I learned from taking a PAUSE and a 5-day silent retreat:

1. I value taking time to replenish and renew myself.
2. I know I talk to myself when I work. I do it a lot.
3. Time seems to slow down, when I get away alone, and catching up on sleep does help remove dark circle from under my eyes.
4. I’m better than okay with my own company.
5. I have more patience with those around me and I treat them with more love and kindness, when I return.

lake picture

There are many other benefits, but that’s where I’m going to stop. I know my husband (a dentist) would get away every year for a trip usually just he and some buddies, they would either ski (Heli-ski in Canada) or a golf trip (usually California). Lots of activity and usually something that would create an adrenalin rush or be competitive. This was in addition to a family vacation, which usually is fun, yet not really relaxing.

There is some research that suggests to truly refresh your mind and body, to do something that is quiet and calming. (Tweet That!)

Forest Picture

I know from personal experience, my husband’s trips seemed to get the desired results of refreshing mind and body. The bottom line is this. Get away from the clinic, and do something you enjoy to refresh yourself. Your team will thank you, you will serve your patients better, and most likely, you’ll enjoy your life more too.

I know, when you return to the office, there is a pile of mail, and maybe additional hours will be needed to play catch up. It will be worth it. Trust me on this one.

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