Living Your Purpose: Preparation Makes Dreams Come True

Living your purpose by making your dreams come true.

From the Google Life Magazine Archive

Have you ever wondered what living your purpose with your dreams full out, would look like? Yes, I know you have financial responsibilities. It’s not as easy as just following your dreams or just doing what you really want. I have two words for you, Walt Disney. Yes, you read that right. Walt Disney.

Imagine where the world of animation or robotics would be without Walt Disney. He had a vision/dream, that he could create a place where people could go, a magical place of imagination. His imagination. He put it together with technology, and Disneyland was born. Walt almost went bankrupt in the process of creating this magical place. Many people thought he was crazy. He stuck with his dream.

What Dream Do You Want to Pursue?

What is it that’s deep inside of you that you want to pursue? What dream that you’ve always wanted to do, yet can’t figure out a way to do it, is waiting for you to act on? If you’ve had a thought, an idea, that is the proof that whatever it is, CAN become a reality.

Following your dream/passion/vision, is what “Living your purpose”, is about. If you want to live full out, you’ll pursue that.

Here is where preparation (sometime referred to as perspiration) meets your dream. Plan, work, consult, check and adjust plan, consult, work, more work, and then put some additional work into it. You see, it’s in the pursuing, that “Living your purpose”, is all about.

Living Your Purpose starts with preparation.

Disney Land from the Google Life Magazine Archives

Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Guidance

Most of us need some help in knowing where and how to begin. That’s when you seek the advice of an expert. They will guide you on the path, help you navigate the forks in the road. If you’d like a guide to go along with you, this may be the right time for you to be mentored. Sometimes, we need a trailblazer to go first. Having support is crucial. You may even be able to climb a few mountains in the process.

Here is how Strength, Dignity and Grace support you in “Living your purpose”:

  • Strength: Begin, now. This isn’t a time for procrastination.
  • Dignity: It’s scary, go for it anyway. If it’s not scary, you aren’t dreaming big enough!
  • Grace: It doesn’t matter what your past looks like, forgive yourself.

You have exactly what you need, inside of you to accomplish your dream/purpose. Are you ready to live your life full out, pursuing your dreams?

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