Listening to Recommendations

Do you want to have a bigger impact with your patients?


As a dentist, are you frustrated or dissatisfied with your practice or life outside of the clinic?


I get it, really I do.


You want your patients to listen and heed your recommendation of flossing (and brushing). In a recent article and social media frenzy, flossing is overrated. I’m sure you disagree. You know what you see in your office. It makes no difference if you are a general dentist, or a specialist, you see the difference, of when someone flosses correctly.


Let’s shift and turn to what is recommended for you, sleeping eight (8) hours a night. Sure, your life is busy, full, and like many business owners, managers, and professionals, it’s difficult to fit it all in.  Yet, it’s clear, we function way better when we are well rested. And yet, just like not flossing, many times we ignore recommendations, that are not only evidence based, we actually see the results in our own lives. I know I have.


Is it any wonder that some of your patients ignore what has been recommended to them, when you hear scientific recommendations, and ignore it? What if you by heeding the recommendation of increasing your nightly sleep would increase your prosperity, your mindfulness, your sense of joy? Not alone, mind you, yet it’s a contributing factor.


Not getting enough sleep affects our productivity. It also affects our mental well-being. There are other behaviors that affect our well-being. Mindfulness, has been recommended to increase our well-being, along with practicing gratitude and forgiving when we feel wronged.


Many recommendations that when compiled and practiced daily, can expand your life, result in increased prosperity, and a sense of joy. I have dental clients experience this in their own lives.


Just as you recommend flossing, no matter what the current recommendations are, we here at Dentistry It’s Personal, recommend some. Fill out your info below to receive a report that is simple to put into effect.

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