What is Your Legacy?

Have you thought about your legacy? In the same way that we must craft a mission statement for our practice, we must craft a mission statement for our lives. How do we want to show up? Hopefully we have many years to create our Legacy, even so, the time to begin building it is today.

In order to really dig into this, let us look at what a legacy might look like. Here are a few examples:

  • She left one million dollars to her family.

  • A scholarship was established in their name for students to have the opportunity to study business at XYZ University.

  • All of his patients knew the importance of regular hygiene care, and it was really a reflection of self care.

  • When I think of So and so, I think of family, it was everything to her.

  • He was a really nice guy.

  • He would give the shirt off of his back, if you needed anything.

  • She was a community activist, so involved with her community.

In order for your Legacy to be something of substance, you must intentionally make a decision for it, and then back it up by taking action.

I know I’m not alone in believing that our universe is one of polarity. If we truly value this life and celebrate its complexities in all its forms, we must also appreciate that there will be a time that we will put our head on a pillow for the last time. Knowing and acknowledging that there will be an end to this life can help us to value it.

I recently spent some time in Concord, Massachusetts. While I was there, I walked through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and a couple of other smaller ones. By looking into the lives that went before us, and contemplating our own, we gain perspective. How someone navigated their life, through successes and failures, and their own flawed humanity, gives us a fresh lens to view our own life.   cemetary

So what does this have to do with you, the dentist? Up through Dental School, you were told what was required, and how you needed to show up. Once you begin practicing, you know what is required with the drill and fill skills necessary to perform as a dentist.

The rest of your life- there isn’t a blueprint for it.

You have examples set by your parents and extended family, maybe – those are positive, maybe – not so much. You can look at dentists you knew in the community you grew up in. You now have choices. What are you intentionally going to do with those choices?

If you give no thought to how you want your life to be, you are effectively choosing a life that is dictated by circumstances. Making a decision to go in a specific direction will actually help draw those choices to have more magnetism to them. If you would like help in designing your legacy, we here at Dentistry It’s Personal can help you with that. Your community involvement will play a role.

By looking at those that went before us, it will help us to decide what actual steps and decisions we can make, to begin today, in leaving a legacy for our tomorrow.

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