I Know I Lied, But Here's the Truth

I don’t like lying.

I recently read an article about the frequency of telling falsehoods, I can’t find it to quote the actual statistics, I could make them up, so that it would give validity to my post, but that would be lying.

In the Dental Office, patients lie frequently. “Yes, I’ll be at my appointment tomorrow, thank you for the courtesy reminder call.” And then they don’t show up!

Every year, I focus on a couple of words, or a phrase. This year (yes, you can hold me accountable – that’s part of the purpose of disclosing it to others), one of my word(s) is truth/integrity.Lies

It’s not that I believe I have a problem here, I mostly want it to be clear, that personally and from a brand perspective, I’m a truthful person and one of integrity. Knowing how this works, I expect to be challenged.

Whether it’s my children – having 5 I’ve been lied to more than a few times. It goes with the territory of parenthood. Or in those I’ve done business with, “We will give you a referral fee – oh except for those four high end clients you brought me.” Or, I know we said a 100% satisfaction money back policy – no questions asked, just not in this circumstance. LIES

We here at Dentistry It’s Personal, LLC – and all of my other brands, Deanna L. Robinson, LLC, and Personal Impact Foundation a Nonprofit, will keep our word, and you can count on us to tell you the truth.

What policies do you have in place, that let your team and patients know what they can expect from you? How important is truth to you?

Here is some info on lying – not the one that I was hoping to cite, still – it’s pretty good. https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/199704/the-truth-about-lying

Have a great first week of 2016!

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