It's Time

This time of year, our list of what we want to do, should do, and have to do; seems endless. There is another way of being and interacting with December. It takes some deliberate decisions to enjoy, yet I have faith in your ability to make it happen for yourself.

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Here is some hope I’m holding for you, that you enjoy this exercise, and it serves you well!

As always, begin with the end in mind, and decide that you’re going to be pleasant and patient with all you come in contact with. Here is something that may take you thirty (30) minutes, yet you will reap 1800 (seconds) of reward that just might have more in dollar value. It’s time to take stock.

This post was inspired by someone I admire from both a business and personal perspective, Marie Forleo. Start the clock on your 30 minutes: For 2016 what is ONE thing you are proud of? You can flip through your calendar and be reMINDED as to your happenings. Write down if you want to make a list, then  circle the biggie, the one thing you are most proud of.

You can look at the list, and see what lessons you learned. Sit with that sense of accomplishment (not for too long, as we have more to do). What is on your TO DO LIST that needs to be let go. Projects that really aren’t necessary, resentments, hurts, guilt, patients that have been on your outstanding bill list for too long, forGIVE and put those behind you. Let go of the same stories that you tell that show you as the hero or the victim, the stories of shame you only tell yourself – GOODBYE!!!

One last bit to reflect on with your remaining minutes. Who might you be if you forgave, eliminated, and truly felt your gratitude for accomplishments this year? Be that person for the rest of the year. It’s time.

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