It's in the Details

I have a favorite saying, “How we do anything, is how we do everything.”  I’m not sure if someone is credited with that, I know I began saying it about four years ago. How you show up for work, how you perform tasks, talk with people, respond to emails, post on social media, it’s all the same.

You are a brand, as a dentist (specialist) all of the above mentioned items reflect on you, in a good light, or not so good. Are showing you care to your patients, from the moment the walk/drive up to your clinic/office, to the meticulous way you appreciate your business? Let’s look at another industry to drive my point home.

I’ve been going to a particular hair salon for almost a year now. Their logo is prominent throughout, from the outside of the building to their own branded products. The doormat greets me with “Lookin’ Good” greeting and a sandwich board with a snarky message – that always makes me smile. I’m acknowledged by every member of the team that may pass me, or even just catch my eye.

Kind to the environment refillable glass water bottles. Checkout the label.

Kind to the environment refillable glass water bottles. Checkout the label.

I happen to be the client of the owner, yet I’ve watched every member of the team, take meticulous care of their clients. The owner of the salon is creative and there is no doubt about his level of care and pride in his shop. So here is my question to you, can the same thing be said about you? I personally believe, that most dentists (specialists) are creative. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be so, is your care showing, throughout your office, team, and how you conduct your business?

When was the last time, you walked through the front door, where patients enter, and sit for a second or two in your waiting area? Have you walked through your clinic with the “eyes of a patient?”

Give your office/clinic a once over. Make some changes and adjustments. That small act, can pay big dividends, in your peace of mind, and the comfort and enjoyment of your patients. It’s all in the details.

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