It’s a Good Idea, because . . .

I read a lot. I find books recommended by colleagues, many times I’ll purchase them and check out their content. Sometimes, Amazon will make specific recommendations. Books by people that I like their messaging or writing style are many times a favorite. Sometimes, I find a clunker.

Recently, I came across a book that was quoted by someone I admired, so I purchased it. It’s awful. Very deceitful and contrary to my beliefs (which that alone doesn’t make it bad), it recommends dishonesty. THAT IS NOT GOOD!!!

When I ordered the above mentioned book, I ordered two other books at the same time. One, I’m liking, and you might too. Influence The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini, PhD. I’m not that deep into it, yet as a dentist, you might like some of the languaging to influence your patients. Of course, in a Dentistry It’s Personal way – ethically.

influence, persuasion, dentistry

When you recommend a treatment plan, a procedure, you do so with the best interest of your patient. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if you used language that will give you the best opportunity to communicate in a positive powerful way? I’ll ask another way. Why wouldn’t you want to?

Tomorrow, September 7th, I’m leading a MasterClass online. I cover a lot of material that you will benefit from. I believe you should attend, because not only will you learn how to increase your productivity, you’ll also learn how to enjoy more time away from your practice. Here’s the link to register. Also, you may want to share it with your classmates, colleagues, and peers, because it’s good to share.

Register, even if you can’t be on live (that is the best), because you can always listen to the replay. Click link to register.

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