Integrity Sets You Apart From the Pack

Choose integrity when faced with tough decisions.Say what you mean, and do what you say. It’s not original; I know! It doesn’t matter that you’ve heard this before — are you doing it?

Back when I attended the University of San Diego for my Paralegal training, the difference between going to school versus learning on the job, was the instruction on ethics. Integrity and ethics  matter in the legal profession, and the profession of life.

How you conduct yourself, whether it’s in business, or in everyday life, matters. Integrity really can set you apart from the pack. I remember putting together a fundraiser for a Non-Profit, with a local politician sitting on the board. 

What they were recommending was VERY unethical.
When I challenged them on it, the reply was, no one will know. I KNEW. I felt as though I was between a rock and a hard place, as my dad used to say.

I chose to structure things, so that I did not compromise my integrity.  Once that event was complete, I removed myself from the opportunity of ever working with them again.

Choose Integrity When…
Faced with Difficult Decisions

Have you ever been in a situation like I was? It’s tough. I’m sure if you have, you didn’t enjoy it.

In the business of speaking and mentoring, I take what I do seriously. I don’t misquote; I don’t overstate results; I don’t change how I do business, based on the client.

There are many stories that I could share that would provide an excellent example to make a point. If doing so, I would cause someone embarrassment or show them in a poor light. I refrain from doing it. It’s not worth it; the cost to someone else is too great.

I’ve many opportunities to align myself with people; whose integrity is not the same as the standards I’ve set for myself, and my business. They would be very lucrative. I pass. In the long run, the cost is too great.

As I asked above,  you’ve probably made choices that looking back  through the lens of integrity, wouldn’t pass the test. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes, not so much. I believe, the more you make choices of integrity, the easier it gets.

The Path to Integrity

Let’s look at following the path of Strength, Dignity and Grace with the integrity piece; and see where that takes us.

  • Strength: Speaking, writing, living life with the integrity compass for direction. You know what’s right.
  • Dignity: There isn’t wiggle room here, no compromising, no saying, only this one time.
  • Grace: If you mess up, confess, as in apologize and own up to your actions, forgive yourself and move forward.

I’d love to hear how this resonated with you, and if you would like me to weigh in on a situation.

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