Increasing Prosperity through Meditation

Third graders and High School students aren’t focusing on making money. They want their lives to Be Better. This past week I had the opportunity to lead both of the above mentioned groups of young people through meditation.


As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or have attended one of my Master Classes, I believe in giving back. That’s what I was doing while leading the groups in meditation.


Living a life we love, is defined uniquely by each individual. (Tweet That!)


For a Third Grader, it might be, having fun with their siblings, and getting to pass a Math Fact Test. For High Schoolers, it may be, having their parents believing in them, enjoying friends, and experiencing joy. For a dentist, it might be feeling valued by patients, having treatment plans accepted, enjoying time away from the office doing something you love.


Prosperity is measured in feelings for your life in the positive. This can be increased by meditation. (Tweet That!)


When I teach a Master Class, I don’t lead the participants in meditation. I haven’t done so, in the Ultimate Dentist MasterMind, yet. I DO encourage it, and talk about the benefits. Meditation can relieve stress.

When you experience less stress, you are able to make better decisions. Decisions that might allow you to be more creative with your time, with your practice, and how you actually feel about your life.




I have found that while undergraduate school may have been stressful at times, Dental School brought your experience with stress to a whole new level. You maintained that level, typically for the entire four years. If you then specialize your degree, you added time on to, the ongoing stress.

Once you began practicing, there was the stress to produce, and outside pressures of your personal life. Where does it end, and what are you doing to educate yourself, to handle stress?


I believe, as do many brain specialists,and psychologists, that meditation is one key that is invaluable at giving us the ability to actually address and minimize the effects of stress on us.


I love the Address Stress app for my phone. (Android or Apple)


However you may describe living a prosperous life, I know it doesn’t include stress. If you haven’t considered meditating (or centering prayer, contemplative praying), this would be a great time to begin. Action is taken now, not in the future.


I’m teaching a Master Class on April 5, 2016 – please join me, you’ll be grateful you did. Click here to register for the Master Class. 

Let me know your results. Your life matters to me!

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