How to Increase Joy

I was in a yoga class this past week, when the teacher mentioned the theme she had designed the classes on for the week. How to have more happiness. Then she would laugh. She said it was silly to think we “get” happiness. That got me thinking.

My belief, from my extensive training and studying, is that we don’t “get” happiness, energy, joy, as much as we generate it, from within. “The power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates it,” Brendon Burchard. Actually we come from it. And joy is a deeply sustainable emotion and sense of being.

I love to teach from stories, so here is one to illustrate my point. As I wrote about last week, my husband the dentist, loves rock music and concerts. Recently AC DC toured in concert and played in Denver and Kansas City, amongst other places. He (we) have children near or in both of those cities. So, for the first concert in Denver, he took our 17 year old, that lives at home, and our 20 year old son that is going to college in Denver. A great time was had by all.Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.40.34 PM

A few weeks later, my husband the dentist, flew to Kansas City, enjoyed BarBQ prior to the concert with our 25 year old daughter that is a Graduate Assistant at a nearby University. Then he spent a day with her, before heading back home. Both of these events, concert going and a visit with an out of town adult child, generated joy. (The BarBQ was great, too)Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.40.57 PM

He wasn’t depressed, or unhappy prior to these events. Yet, while doing something he loved; spending time with his children and enjoying live rock music, he helped generate sustaining joy. Now, let me be clear, this won’t last long, if you (he) don’t continue to do things that generate joy.

I can receive a check in the mail and be happy. I can talk with a good friend through the beauty of technology, and experience a deep ongoing joy, that sustains me. Some believe that joy is a conscious commitment to be happy, to have a sense of contentment for the moment, despite life’s challenges. Joy is an internal lasting emotional condition. – See more at:

I want to encourage you to ponder, what brings you joy. Then, go do more of that, which will generate more joy in your life.

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