I'm Blinded, I Can't See

I was hiking a beautiful late summer morning, and the sun was on my left side, as I headed South on the trail.

Every time the trail curved to my left, I was temporarily blinded by the bright early morning sun. The trail was still there, I just couldn’t see it.

What is right in front of you that you aren’t seeing?

The path I was hiking on wasn’t changing, my ability to see it was altered, because of the sun being in my eyes.

Are you so busy and stressed that you are unable to see what is right in front of you?


According to a JADA 2004 study: (we know these numbers are higher today)

44% of dentists feel they should solve their own problems, yet more than 50% of dentists reported having serious doubt about their ability to reduce stress, and are embarrassed to seek help.

At Dentistry It’s Personal, we offer a number of programs, that will assist you in finding solutions that are right in front of you, that with ease, you can change your current stress levels. A great place to begin is www.dentistryitspersonal.com/udm

Just like the path was right in front of me, the sun made it so that I couldn’t see the path. As a dentist, there is stress management and productivity assistance (increase by 33% of favorite procedure within 2 weeks), right in front of you, yet you may not be aware of it.

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