I Always Laugh When . . .

Laughter is so important to our sense of wellbeing. Here at Dentistry It’s Personal we consistently encourage you to find ways to laugh. There is the Tonight Show that I can count on to make me laugh. I’m intentional about creating opportunities to laugh, and you should too.

What makes you laugh? My husband (the dentist) and I have a dinner club that we belong to, that will make us laugh beyond reason. When we get together, our cheeks hurt from laughing so much and hard. Plus, we play fun games, on occasion. Can you fill in this statement, I always laugh when I…

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A fun game! You will laugh, so much.

So laughter helps us to release stress hormones, lower our stress, and lower our blood pressure. We feel a deep sense of satisfaction from periods of laughter. We’re able to view our life in a more positive light. We experience happiness and joy at a deeper level, after laughing. Our sense of enjoyment increases.

This coming Wednesday we will be offering a no-charge MasterClass on increasing productivity. Part of what we will be talking about is finding ways to enjoy your life more. As in scheduling fun. Fun involves laughter. Join us for the MasterClass. Until then, and for sure after, look for things that make you laugh. Here’s the link for January 18th.




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