How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

If we are people of integrity, we pay all of our taxes, we are faithful and monogamous in our relationships, we tell the truth and so on. We don’t ask someone to lie for us, as in “Tell them I’m not in.” And, a particular point that’s high on my list—we don’t withhold information.

We are consistent in how we conduct ourselves. We do the right thing. You get this. Across the board we are who we are. We don’t have double standards. How we show up in our personal life is the same way we show up professionally. That is where I adopted the saying “How we do anything is how we do everything.” We’re consistent.

In August I decided to summit my seventh fourteen thousand foot peak (14er) in Colorado.  This one was unique because it’s on private land. You must pay for a permit and there are no trails. I went with my usual hiking partner who has hiked over 32 of the 14ers. You may wonder how this applies to our topic of consistency.

Mt Culebra in the background with Deanna 14, 047 ft.

Mt Culebra (14, 047 ft.) in the background with Deanna

I put effort into listening to my intuition—paying attention to that still small voice inside of me. Do I trust it even when it’s not convenient? So, there I am, ascending this beautiful mountain. The going had been slow for most of the day. It wasn’t an easy hike. We went from ridge to saddle to ridge, all without a trail, mostly bouldering. As difficult as it was, I was loving it. I was getting close to the last push to the false summit, just below the actual summit.

Saddle and Ridge line

Saddle and Ridge line

Actual steepness of false Summit

Actual steepness of false Summit

Then I heard the voice. I looked up as I was getting ready for the final push, and I saw these dark clouds with a flat bottom. They didn’t look good. I knew it wasn’t smart for me to summit. I wasn’t comfortable with the look of the clouds. Yet I didn’t want to quit–I wanted to summit.

Storm clouds over the false Summit

Storm clouds over the false Summit

How do I quit, listen to my intuition, not summit?  The answer is how I do everything. I don’t listen only when it’s convenient. I practice listening to that small voice. The more I do it, the more I trust it. So I didn’t summit. As I made my decent along unprotected ridges and wide open fields, I got hailed on, rained on, and even experienced a huge clap of thunder nearby. By the time I got to the car the rain was really coming down hard.

I didn’t make it to the summit, but I did live to try again, if I want to, some day.  Would I have become one of those statistics of death by lightning in Colorado? Probably not. But I did listen to my intuition which was telling me it wasn’t a good idea to summit. I know I’ve sharpened my ability to hear that still small voice that speaks to me, by listening, every time it speaks to me.

Being consistent isn’t only for when it’s easy, when we won’t be judged or the action is something we want to do. How we do anything, is how we do all things, everything. Be intentional not situational. It’s not a “I’ll do this, but not this” kind of thing. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

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