How to Have Success

Many of us have our own definition of success. It’s personal to us. Yet, if we were to share it with others, they most likely would agree, that our definition of success fits, at least for us. So, how do we obtain that success. Beginning with where we are, with what we currently have.

Let’s begin with your current practice, as it is today. Are you exercising gratitude for what you have? You knew I was going to start there. Spend time generating gratitude for what you have (just like the power company doesn’t have electricity, it generates it, we too must generate gratitude). When you are greeting each patient, are you distracted by a recent email, or conversation you just had with a hygiene patient? Be present, positive, and grateful for the patient that is in front of you right now.


Are you uplifting your team, AND keeping them informed of the direction you are taking the practice? Do you pour gratitude upon them, and are you present when addressing or directing them? No multitasking here, (or ever). Do you have systems in place to fully utilize all that is available to you through your hygiene program? Have you visualized how to maximize full treatment opportunities available to hygiene patients?

I’m hoping you are seeing how to BE successful right where you are. This doesn’t take any added expense. When you see opportunities to have more success in what you are currently doing, right where you are, you in turn will have more success.

It’s that simple. Easy?! To stay present, to generate gratitude in every situation, to eliminate multitasking everywhere—is that easy? Truthfully, no, not in the beginning. With daily, then hourly practice, yes, it becomes your new norm, your new habit of being.

To assist you with this, keep watching Deanna’s Daily, if you have unsubscribed, change your subscription back, to receiving those, (they’re free, except for your time you invest in watching them, daily). A great book, that really touches on this is The Science of Getting Rich, The Proven Mental Program to a Life of Wealth by Wallace D. Wattles.

Let’s wrap this up with a bow. How do you have success? Start where you are right now, with what you have. Soon, you’ll have more success.

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