How to Be a Better Listener

What do the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Paul Sacco, PhD. all have in common? They are all great listeners. We all have it in us to be good listeners. I happen to think that most dentists are good listeners, when they are focused on their patients. I believe it carries over in other areas of their life, too.

Most of us want to improve. If you find your skills are good in one area, yet not in another, you have the capability to be consistent. To be clear, we aren’t talking about volume. We’re talking about listening to comprehend, and to respond appropriately.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, and have attended one of my Master Classes, you know here at Dentistry It’s Personal, we are advocates for meditation. When we meditate on a regular basis, we get better at some of the “habits” that lead to being a good listener.

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Here is a great article on meditation and listening

Here is a good article I saw in the Huffington Post that might give you some great information:

Getting back to meditation – it changes us. We become more aware of our surroundings, more mindful, and better able to focus. All of those characteristics help us to listen better. As a better listener, you’re better able to communicate in a manner  that will have more of your patients accepting treatment plans.

Many times, patients want to be reassured that you have their best interest in mind, when recommending treatment. When you really listen, you can answer back with why this is the right time, or whatever their objection is, for making the decision to accept your treatment plan.

When you actively listen outside of interactions with patients, with your team, your children, your spouse or partner, you can hear what is being said, and even what is not being said. The more intentional you are with really listening the more joy you will experience, as people around you, will value, truly being heard.

Address stress app

Another great meditation app

Wouldn’t it be great, to be known as a really good listener? We’ve given you some great resources that explain the benefits and how to become a good listener. I’m off to meditate. Go ahead, and reach out to let me know what you think of this post, I’ll be listening for your response.


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