How Am I Doing?

I recently returned from five days in La Jolla, California. I met with one of my mentors, participated in a day long MasterMind, and attended 3 days of a Conference/Event/Fun Feast for Entrepreneurs, Secret Knock. Les Brown spoke, the Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation shared, and I was the subject of the first ever live brain scan measuring thought. It was an impactful five days.

The first EVER live brain scan - on Me!!

The first EVER live brain scan – on Me!!

During one of the break-out sessions, I attended I heard one question that really gave me a charge. The gentleman is a real estate investor. He was sharing how to really get things done in this fast paced world we live in. Scott Carson’s strategy wasn’t really earth shattering. The question he shared, I believe can be a needle mover for any business owner. Even a dentist.

When was the last time you asked your patients, “How are we doing?”  

How about your team? Do you ever ask them?

Much of the time, we go about our business, doing our stuff. For you, scheduling patients in a timely manner, educating them on best practices of dental care. You use products and labs based on performance.

What barometer are you using to base your service on? Production? Profits? Wait time from check-in to being seated and treatment begun?  Are you measuring anything?

Please don’t take this as an attack. I have to ask myself the same question.

So, here it is:

How is Dentistry It’s Personal meeting your need for information?  How are we doing?  Are we giving you the dentist useful information that helps with profitability, enjoyment of life, and ways to be more balanced?

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