Every Spring, there is new growth on plants and trees, new life in eggs hatching and babies being born in nature. I believe it is a symbol of hope. A hope in tomorrow, a hope in today. As a dentist you restore teeth, in hope that they will preserve bone, aid the patient in chewing food, and improve a cosmetic appearance. Not necessarily in that order, and not always for all of those reasons. Hope moves us forward.2015-03-25 18.34.31

What hope do you have for your future? A more cohesive team? More income? More time enjoying the fruits of your labor? In that hope, what action are you taking? That’s where molecules are moved, in the action.

Do you remember back in Dental School and the first time you had to give an injection to a classmate, how nervous you were? Or pouring up your first model for a crown? With time and practice, your skills improved, and now, you do both with confidence. Let’s look at what that has to do with hope.

If you are wanting a more cohesive team, it’s going to take effort on your part. One thing for sure, you must take action in order for things to change. No amount of wishing or hoping alone, will cause change. I went through Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership program, one of my biggest takeaway was, hire slowly, fire fast. My interpretation of that is, once you make a decision to let a team member go, do so quickly. And I do get that you may have a calendar full of patients, and you can’t possibly function at full capacity, without this crucial team member.

I’m going to hold firm with my recommendation, get rid of them sooner, rather than later. In doing so, you are creating an atmosphere, ripe for change.

“Motion/activity creates opportunity. That is what it takes to go from hope, to happy.”

Now let’s look at the “more income” on the list of hope. You know I’m going to suggest taking action here again. Begin with what you would like more income for.

Write out, what you would use more income for. It could be a combination of items for your clinic, and money for your personal life. Be as specific as possible. In order to go from hope to happy here, review this list a few times a day, first by saying how happy and grateful you are, for the items on your list, as if you already have them. You can end with, “This or something even greater still.” That way, you leave room for something you aren’t even thinking about.

With the new hope of spring coming forth, right before our very eyes, take this opportunity to move forth, taking action, for those things you have only hoped for, up until now. If we here at Dentistry It’s Personal can be of contribution, please reach out to us.


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