Several years ago I suffered a brain hemorrhage and by all counts…I should have died. But something inside of me shouted out “I am not ready to go.”  I have 5 kids — one of which was only 6 months old.  No, it was not my time.

So I lived.  But I lived with severe debilitating headaches and health issues, amongst many other life challenges.

The turning point was my consistent choice to view all that I was experiencing as a blessing. That began my philosophy of… “I Get To”!

You can unravel the yucky, gnarly, awful mess that adversity creates. No matter how lost you get in the wilderness of life, through the forks in the road and the uphill battles, you can still find The Path that leads you to a productive, engaging and meaningful life despite many challenging situations.



My Perspective

I’d like to share a few principles that are foundational to how I manage my company.

  • When you invest in yourself through DLR products and programs, you’re also investing in helping make the world a better place. I believe and practice tithing.  Please read more about this in the following section.
  • I envision a world where every human being has the financial and emotional freedom to live life to the fullest.
  • I believe that every person should have the ability and access to achieve his or her full potential, and be compensated fairly for work performed. I support socially conscious work/companies that believe that too!
  • The foundation of my company is firmly rooted in grace, not only for ourselves, but also for others. I donate not only DLR financial resources, but also time, beginning at home first. I try to set the example for others to follow.


How DLR Gives Back

A portion of all DLR profits go into helping support causes and entities that are near and dear to my heart. I live by what I’ve taught for years, the concept of tithing, and give 10% of all of my income back.

Here are a few of the places that you will help when you invest in DLR products and programs:

Thank you for stopping at my website.  I hope you find what I share throughout the website and in my I GET TO! ezine helpful, and that it inspires you to break through adversity and win!