Give Up to Get

With the New Year, I wanted to pass on yet another helpful tip. I know it’s a good one, and way under utilized.

I was working with my Third Grade Mentees, when I passed on the “Give up to Get” concept. It took them a bit to grasp it, like all of ten minutes, so I’m sure as a dentist, you’ll have an easier time even still.

In order to create space in our lives for more, we should give up something, that doesn’t serve us. – Tweet That

So, back in 2015 you may have developed some habits that really didn’t serve you. Maybe multitasking, or participating in gossip, or wasting time on social media sites, or even – mindlessly watching TV before going to sleep.


Intentionally give thought to leaving that behavior or action back in 2015 even if you’ve continued it up until now in 2016. Picture in your mind, having space in your day, by no longer doing that activity. Now, picture something you’d like to do; more time to exercise, to meditate, to spend time with a loved one, to read for the pleasure of reading . . .

You get the picture, picture what you want to get now in 2016. If you are wanting to purchase a new car, picture your bank account growing with money from increased production, or money no longer spent on eating out as often.

So you are giving up, something in the past, in order to create space for it now, a physical item/thing, or time for something.

My Third Grade Mentees wanted to: obey authority figures more when asked, they wanted better grades, and to be neater. They were willing to give up: disobedience, play instead of studying, and leaving their clothes lie around their room. Maybe listening to what some 9 year olds are willing to give up, will give you ideas, so that you may get more in 2016.

I’d love for you to share, or if you aren’t so bold, at least write it down, for your own accountability.

Here is to giving up to getting more in 2016.

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