Getting Ready to Have Fun is a Lot of Work

By the time you are reading this, I’ll be back from 10 days of vacation and unplugging. As I’m writing this, I’m getting ready. I love traveling and truly am grateful for the opportunity I have. You know, it’s a lot of work to leave town for 10 days! My husband wasn’t so sure he wanted to leave his practice for that long. I knew we needed that amount of time.

Typically when we travel, it takes my husband, the Dentist, a couple of days to truly relax. It is easier now that the kids are older. When they were little, it was more work to travel with them, yet the memories we made are irreplaceable. So then, you are a couple of days into the trip before you truly are enjoying yourself. Then, the last couple of days, you begin to anticipate the amount of work you will be coming back to. What storm awaits you? Oh wait, I’m on vacation. What will I encounter when I return? It took a lot of effort to get ready and now I have to go back to all that’s waiting for me. Back and forth with the emotions.

It’s fun, but is it worth the effort?


Potential storm clouds


The key is to be present. Meaning, don’t let your mind go to future “what ifs” and imaginary storms on the horizon. No digging up past memories of not so pleasant events, trips, happenings. No thinking, “I know how this is going to go!” Getting ready takes a lot of work but just do it. You’ll get done what you get done. Once you are in the car/plane/train/or whatever mode of transportation, breathe out all the effort you used to get there. Put it behind you and just live in the moment of what you are doing.

When it’s time to return, be grateful for your time away. Feel the renewal of your energy, your mind, your heart, your SOUL. Then tackle what you have in front of you—maybe it’s even a pile or two. You’ll be able to do it—not in anticipation of the pile, but in the moment when you actually have it in front of you. Emergency patients and all.

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