Friends & Fun

I’m grateful for long-term friendships, and fun times shared. My hope for you is that you too, are experiencing and enjoying friends and fun.

My clients say they want more time to enjoy life, and the financial means to do so also, while having confidence in their financial future. I get it. Dentists aren’t alone in that.

Insurance reimbursements are smaller and less frequent, patients are also concerned about their out-of-pocket expenses, and the cost of living is not going down. SVvvppp (the sound of an old school vinyl record being scratched).  What if – even if that is true; and it’s not every dentist’s reality, what if it wasn’t yours?

How we program our thoughts has a lot to do with our experience. About a month ago, there was a notification on Facebook, from a friend, about a gathering in Northern Colorado, for this past Saturday. I made the decision to commit, and put it on my husband’s and my calendar. Guess what, nothing else conflicted with it, because we already had made a decision. So then, when some High School friends that live in Denver decided to get together earlier in the same weekend, we decided to attend that also, and extend our time, to the entire weekend.

We had a blast.

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What does this have to do with more time and more financial security? EVERYTHING! How we do anything, is how we do everything. First things first, decide what it is you want. Then decide how that might look. Are you going to spend Wednesdays not seeing patients and enjoying life the way you choose, and maybe throw in a few errands, so that on Saturdays and Sundays you don’t have those to tend to?

When you are at the office, be there – fully present, taking care of paperwork between patients, scheduling efficiently. It might take coming in a bit earlier, to focus, so that when the first patient arrives, you aren’t still gearing up for your day, YOU ARE READY.

It boils down to decision making. Decisions for Friends and Fun, and for how you really want to live your life. I’m teaching a new Master Class in a few weeks, with new material, and research. Decide to attend, it’s the first step in enjoying your life more. Click here to learn more about, and to register for, the Master Class.

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