Forgive Yourself to Move Forward

Do you have something BIG that you need to forgive yourself for? Have you been carrying it around for way too long? I’ve been right there, where you are. I’m not there anymore, and you don’t need to be either!

I have done some truly awful things in my life. I’m far from being perfect, just ask my children. Oh, you have, too? So here is my question for you, how is it working for you to be beating yourself up over the “things” you’ve done?

Lack of forgiveness can become paralyzing. You start to move forward, you remember your “thing” and BOOM, you are stopped in your tracks. With EVERY single person I’ve worked with, once they allow themselves to forgive themselves, they begin to move forward.

I know, you’re thinking, like how, Deanna? How do I forgive myself for that huge “thing”?

How to Forgive Yourself

Having studied and taught the Bible for the past 18 years, that is my foundation. Knowing Jesus already did the work so that my sins, (my “things”) are forgiven, it would be egotistical of me to think my “thing” was too big. If that isn’t your belief, you’re going to either find another point of reference or sit with yourself and have a good ‘ol chat and decide that beating yourself up, isn’t working for you.

Forgiveness  is key to moving forward.  Get out in nature.

I find that getting out in nature helps me to open up and forgive myself.

Moving forward, you don’t keep bringing your “thing” to the party. You accepted responsibility, forgave yourself, and now, MOVE ON!!! Revisiting past situations doesn’t work. (We aren’t talking about continuing to do the “thing”. That’s another topic.)

Forgive Yourself and Open the Door to Your Potential

Now, what would your world, your life look like, if you put this “thing” behind you? If you weren’t sharing mirror space with it. Now, when you look in the mirror, you don’t see your “thing”. What would you do now? Would you have courage to tackle some of those things on your To Do list? Might it be a little easier?

For me, ABSOLUTELY!!! My “thing” isn’t holding me back, standing in my way, being a negative reminder of my misstep, it’s gone, because I forgave myself.

I’m way more optimistic, positive, vibrant, energetic, strengthened.

So, let’s look at how Strength, Dignity, and Grace look like in forgiveness.

  • Strength: The ability to see that you need to forgive yourself, and not continue with your current attitude and behavior.
  • Dignity: Take some time to do this grace work, it isn’t easy, be kind to yourself. Reading in a devotional or a good motivational book is a necessary step in this process.
  • Grace: It’s absolutely essential to begin with yourself, in order to move forward. It’s freeing.

I will be addressing this in my upcoming teleseminar series. If you want more information, stay tuned, I’ll be giving details shortly. Was this helpful today?

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