Follow the Swedish Example

For today, I want you to look at the following article, and see how you might apply this research, and lifestyle to yourself. We must find a way to minimize the stress we experience, or we will follow in the footsteps of others, that didn’t find a way to manage it.


There are quoted studies in the article, that could be argued, don’t relate to the dental office. I believe, that there is a message here, that when the details are stripped away, directly relates to your clinic, and other dentists. What if you were to adapt the Swedish example?


Now drinking coffee might make for jittery hands, it’s the concept. Take a 15 minute break after two patients. Do your own experiment. Hygiene appointments have gotten a lot quicker with technology, so taking a 15 minute – quiet/break doing what might recharge you, and your team, just may cause an increase in happiness in your clinic.


Picture standing around, munching on a nice fresh piece of fruit, quenching your thirst on a glass of crisp sparkling water, and enjoying (positive only) light hearted conversation in the morning, and in the afternoon, stretching out on a couch in your private office, putting your feet up, closing your eyes for a relaxing 15 minute “cat nap”.


String a week of those together and I challenge you to say that your happiness and joy feelings didn’t improve. Now, I’ve had fun in describing your Swedish Fika, the point I’m making, is what might you do, to increase your happiness in the clinic. The Swedish study was to get you thinking.


Happiness and Joy don’t just happen, we have to generate the emotions, that cause them to happen. You can follow the Swedish example, or be creative, and come with ideas on your own. If you want some assistance, reach out to us here at Dentistry It’s Personal.

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