Finding Peace in your life on a Daily Basis

Deanna-Olympics1Many times we begin our day, with leftover feelings and emotions from the day before.  We live a life that is controlled by our circumstances, we react to that which is happening around us.  There is another way.  We can choose to live a life of our own making.  One of peace.

It isn’t what happens around us that matters, it’s what we think about what is happening, that matters.

Back in 2002 I was honored to be an Olympic Torchbearer.  Part of the ceremony that takes place, prior to our run with the Olympic flame, is we are given the charge, that the rest of our lives, we will be an Ambassador of Peace.

I wrestled with this.  Not because I didn’t want to be filled with peace.  I did. I had no idea how to obtain it.  I had all these circumstances, I still was experiencing daily pain, as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage from a number of years earlier.  I had young children in my home, that needed daily attention.  I had circumstances.  I had very little peace.

It took a number of years for me to have the awareness, that the peace I was seeking, not only was seeking me, it was a choice.

All I needed to do, was to decide, that I would be at peace, with myself, and the world around me.  Once I put that thought on, and lived with it for a time, I then wanted to go further with it.  I wanted to spread, the idea of peace, to others, within my sphere of influence.

How was I going to spread peace to others?  By explaining to others that they no longer had to be a slave to their circumstances.  You may think “That’s easy for you to say, Deanna.  It’s not so easy to live it.”  I’m here to say, “Yes it is.”  It’s that choice that you make, every day, when you take your head off of your pillow.  How do you want your day to be?  One of peace or angst, based on the occurrences around you?  You get to think your thoughts.  Only you.

When I began mentoring and studying with Mary Morrissey, I learned the power of our thoughts.  Yet, I knew it all along.  Stick with me, continue to watch my Deanna’s Daily videos, and read my weekly blog.  I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from Mary, and others I’ve studied.  You too can have peace on a daily basis.  It’s your choice alone to make.

Strength ­ make a choice today, to think differently, to that which is going on around you.

Dignity ­ take full responsibility for your life, blaming no one or no circumstance.

Grace ­ forgive yourself, if this has not been your daily habit, or if you have blamed others, forgive them, too.

I’d love to know your thoughts on peace, and your daily circumstances, that have inhibited you, up until now, from obtaining peace.

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