Fear and What to Do With It

Pikes Peak Incline Hike

Pikes Peak Incline Hike

We’ve all experienced fear at some point in our lives. There was the time that I was hiking the Incline on the front of Pike’s Peak with my hiking partner. We were two thirds of the way up the old cog railway “hike” when we heard the clash of thunder. Fortunately, we were near the bailout and we could duck over and run like our lives depended on us getting off the mountain quickly, as dark descended on us and it began to rain. That fear seemed to be a healthy fear, a save-your-life kind of thing.

Then there are fears of the “Will I outlive my money?” “Have I saved enough for all of the kids college expenses?” kind of fear. Money fears. “What if I purchase a new piece of equipment, will it really increase my production, and will I see a profit as a result of the purchase?” I recently experienced a fear that so shook me that I’m still kind of shocked by it. It was a fear of the unknown. Kind of like fear of the Boogey Man.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that I like adventure and to truly give “it” my all. I also utilize my intuition and count on it to keep me safe. During a recent trip, I couldn’t make myself do something. I was so shocked by my response. Typically I’m not afraid to try new things. Now some things I have no interest in, but this wasn’t that. I was afraid.

Dave looking into the water in the Cenote, after I climbed back up

Dave looking into the water in the cenote, after I climbed back up.

My husband, the Dentist, and I were in the middle of the Yucatan, in a small town of Temozon, south of Merida. We were staying at an old sisal plantation turned luxury hacienda. We took the opportunity to visit a cenote, an underground cave with fresh water. After climbing down a ladder, I found I could not make myself go into the water. I could see part of the bottom, it looked a little slimy. I could also tell that part of the underground cave bottom went beyond where I could see. Were there leeches (I watch Survivor), or water snakes?

Here’s the point. All of us will face fear. What will we do with it? Will it stop us from trying something new again? Will it define us? Or will it just be that—a time we were afraid? The next time we face an unknown will we address/approach it and decide in the moment that we will overcome it, or will we back down? For me, I will continue to challenge myself, take risks, and try new things—in business and in my personal life. My hope for you is that you will do the same. The fear I experienced in the cenote was just that—a fear of the unknown. I can live with my response.

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