You are Far Greater Than Your Thoughts

We talk about how and what you think a lot, here at Dentistry It’s Personal. There is new research constantly coming out about how your mind works and how your thinking relates to your life. Here is some information, in just a little different way, that might actually have a greater impact.


There are different ways of achieving what you want out of life.  I believe you deserve to choose a healthy way, that not only serves you, but the lifestyle you desire, too. This I know, you are far greater than your thoughts.

Reprogramming our thoughts can bring clarity to our life.

Reprogramming our thoughts can bring clarity to our life.

Your conscious mind only controls about 1 to 5 percent of your thinking. Your logic and thinking take place in your conscious mind. That’s why using your willpower when wanting to change a habit is only utilizing 1 to 5 percent of your resources to accomplish a desired outcome!


Your workhorse part of your mind, that performs at 95 to 99 percent of everything you think, do, and say, is your subconscious. Yes, it controls your heart beating, your breathing, it’s the autopilot in the background. Many people don’t understand the power of their subconscious mind or how to deliberately work with it.


Your subconscious mind  will accept and act upon a repetitive action or thought. It also allows negative behaviors and thoughts to remain on autopilot for so long that you can’t imagine doing anything differently. 


  • You work hard because you believe that’s what it takes to be successful.
  • You believe that stress is just part of the profession of dentistry.
  • You buy/start a practice, buy a home and start a family because you’ve been conditioned to believe that is the definition of success and security.


Most of us go through our entire lives without ever making a clear decision about what we want our life to stand for, or who we actually want to become. We allow our subconscious to control us with the default life brought about through social conditioning.


So you want this prosperous joy filled life, yet you read the latest breaking news through your newsfeed. At the end of the day, you are too exhausted to do much more than plopping yourself in front of the TV or scrolling through your social media feed. You’ve decided that even though you love the chairside work of being a dentist, putting up with all of the rest of what it takes to run a practice, is just what it takes.


When you begin to grasp that you are something far greater than your thoughts, you will begin to understand you do have the power to choose which thoughts you will think, and ultimately – start to reprogram your subconscious mind.


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