Failure is Really Feedback

If you’ve ever tried to generate more revenue and increase your patient acceptance of treatment, but gotten frustrated, I’m here to inform you, what you’ve done that didn’t work isn’t failure. It’s feedback. You now have one less idea to try. Knowing that may make you either angry or excited. It’s a matter of perspective.

Thomas Edison was asked how did he survive his thousands of times he failed, attempting to invent the electric light bulb. “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways it didn’t work.” I’m not suggesting that you try 10,000 ways to become a successful dentist. I am saying that you need to get really clear on what success looks like to you.

The feedback that you acquire as you discover the “It – Not It”, helps you become the person you see yourself to be. Re-read that.  How we see ourselves (successful dentist, caring parent, active community member) are the guideposts we set along the pathway of our life.

You aren’t one day going to wake up and be that person that is the successful dentist, the loving spouse, the fencecaring parent, the active, giving community member. It’s a daily endeavor for us to become that person, who is . . .

So daily, you strive for that, and daily you either realize that you are closer to that person that is . . . or you are further away. That’s the feedback; when it’s further away, or even when it’s a closer to.

Allow me to anchor this with a personal story. As I was wanting to be a healthy, pain-free person, I tried at least a hundred different remedies, medications, supplements, treatments, and modalities. I was so frustrated, and becoming concerned with the mounting receipts of the expenses I was incurring. Yet I knew that the solution had to be available to me, and I must be getting closer, because of the sheer number of things I tried, AND I could see myself being that person in my mind. It was feedback.

When I met my mentor, and followed her program and teaching I was able to have confidence in it, and myself, because of all of the effort I had already expended. When I began to see results, I stayed close to her side, through her teaching and programs, so that I could maintain the results until I learned to do so on my own. My health was the guidepost along the way of becoming a woman that isn’t swayed by circumstances. Do I do this perfectly? No. Am I further along the path? ABSOLUTELY.

Let’s bring this back to you as the dentist. You have honed your “Drill & Fill” skills.

Now it’s time to become the successful dentist you have pictured in your mind.

Along the way, not everything has worked out as you had hoped. You would still like more patients, more money at the end of the month, and time to enjoy what you love doing. Instead of viewing your attempts as failure, you realize that it’s been feedback along your journey. This is not the time to get frustrated; focusing will serve you better to get what you want.

Seek out other dentists and seek their counsel on what they’ve done. Look for programs that directly address your wants/needs/desires. We here at Dentistry It’s Personal have programs that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Happy, successful, and contributing to your community to better the lives around you.

Gaining proper perspective will have you appreciating the feedback that life has been giving you.

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