If We Fail at This, No Amount of Success Will Matter

We all have responsibilities, deadlines, and commitments. There seems to be an endless list of “should dos.” As a dentist, cancelling patients is a last resort. With that said, there are matters that need to be a priority. These aren’t everyday events. It may not be something that happens every year. But when it does, don’t hesitate, and do the right thing.

Of all of the things I do in life, my marriage and children truly do come first. Sometimes it may not seem convenient but they are the priority. As I said to my youngest daughter this past week, “If I fail as a mom, no other success will matter.”

The 16 year old "baby" of the family.

The 16 year old “baby” of the family.

So, let me show you how this came about last week. I was on the road, traveling for 10 days out of 14. My husband, the dentist, was on home duty. We only have one of the five left at home—she is 16 and a sophomore in High School.  I saw a tweet (yes, I get notification of her tweets), “I wonder if one day I’m just gonna explode or break down from all of my stress.” I knew she was in trouble. Next I got a text asking how busy my day was. I went to the High School, and pulled her out of classes for the day.

Now I mentioned I had been out of town—a bunch. So I had a lot on my work schedule and a significant presentation the following day that I had been working on for a few months. None of that mattered—my daughter needed her mother. We didn’t do anything significant. I listened a lot. We looked at Pinterest. We did things that help a 16 year old de-stress. And guess what? All of my work waited for me, and my daughter knows that she can count on me to be there when it really matters.

I write about this because I teach that we need to know what matters to us. So that when situations arise, we already know where our priorities are. Do you cancel patients? Only you can answer that. One thing to think about—we never get time back. We have today. That’s what we have. For me, no success in business, even for the work that I love, that I believe matters, will matter more, than how I show up, as a mom.

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