Does Envisioning Really Work in Dentistry?

So none of us want to be made a fool. We don’t want to appear gullible. Sometimes, something comes along that sounds like a plausible idea, but we get scared of hoping something may work. What if it doesn’t?

A cool ceiling, nothing to do with envisioning or dentistry.

A cool ceiling, nothing to do with envisioning or dentistry.

The thoughts I just mentioned are universal; they are not unique to dentists. As someone who teaches personal development skills and transformational thought, I’m right there with you. Can you really hope that results just may be what you’d like to see, without risking anything?

The answer is no. You gotta risk in order to receive the blessing. I’m here to tell you, it’s worth it. The key is feeling that it’s a minimal risk of heart. Sometimes trying something new either feels right, or you’ve reached the end of your rope, and you know it’s time to go for it or go home.

I asked my husband, the dentist, what was his favorite work to do in the office, as in patient care. He responded, “I love crown and bridge work.” So I encouraged him to picture new patients coming in and needing that kind of work done, AND existing patients that maybe have been putting work off, coming in and committing to treatment. To not only envision it, but to think about how it feels, emotionally and physically, when patients decide to getting that kind of work started.

The result of doing that over the course of just one week was a number of new patients, AND existing patients committing to treatment. So, to answer the question I posed at the beginning, YES, envisioning really does work in dentistry.

Was it a little scary and fear-inducing for my husband to put himself out there with what he was wanting? A little. I say a little, because my husband has studied this and has been around me asking questions of him, and basically using him as my laboratory rat, for a while now. What I lead/teach and mentor dentists to do, I’ve been doing outside of the dental field for years now. Besides, he also knows I only want the best for him and his patients. He never gets the placebo, or sugar pill, with my suggestions.

So the real question is, will it work for you? If you take the right kind of action to back up your envisioning, unequivocally yes, it will. There is no doubt about it – universal laws HAVE to work, if you invoke them properly. It’s science – specifically, physics.

Let’s look at how Strength, Dignity, and Grace show up with envisioning.

Strength – You gotta just go for it – it’s a risk, yet not really.

Dignity – In this situation, it’s the action that truly is required of you.

Grace – Forgive yourself for the trepidation you feel. It’s natural. Look at strength and dignity for the how.

This is not just for patients or specific kinds of work. You can use this with revenue, time, activities, relationships, and so much more. Was this helpful? Are you going to give envisioning some of your effort? Let me know.

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