Enough Time

Do you ever feel there just isn’t enough time to get everything done that you want? I can totally relate. I KNOW that what really matters gets done.

So how do we find more time? We don’t really – before you click off, consider this. What if you changed your thinking about the many things you want to do?

As a dentist, social media is important. In your brand (you and the service you provide), how you show up, your personality. I too have to consider these exact same things. Here’s what I’ve found . . . make a decision to have fun! Yes, it’s that simple.

The decision we make, which then determines how we think about something, can shift, transform everything. Allow me to give an example to you. On the first NFL game of the season, Denver and Carolina had a Super Bowl rematch of sorts. On the sidelines, after halftime, the quarterback for Carolina, Cam Newton, was caught on camera, on live TV flossing his teeth. Social media exploded with images.

So, I thought I would have some fun with it. I knew I was attending a football game that weekend (this past one), and planned (staged) to have a photo taken of me flossing and referencing Cam. The people around me thought it was funny, and the comments on Instagram and Facebook indicated that others thought it was funny, too.

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I’m pulling a Cam. Floss and football just seem to go together.

How can you make posting on social media fun? Make a decision, say to yourself, “I’m going to have fun with social media!” Ask your team for suggestions, ask them weekly, to bring suggestions to your team meetings, or not to wait with ideas, and show you something that really catches their attention.

Is there enough time, for you to make engaging social media post? Yes. There are also companies that can augment your posting. If you would like some assistance with making this or any other decision, reach out to us, here, at Dentistry It’s Personal.

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