Encouragement is an Unexpected Blessing

I’m not a fan of nay sayers. Ever! I believe in playing full out. Always! So, what has me up in arms currently? Some people’s belief, that they are doing someone a favor, by “just being realistic”. Okay, I’ll stop speaking (writing) in generalities, and get specific.

When my husband decided to study to become a dentist, not a single person asked him if he had a backup plan. Not one. Forty five hundred (4,500) applied to get into the program he was accepted into. He was one of seventy seven (77) accepted. There weren’t any high school teachers or guidance counselors recommending to him to have something to fall back on, if he didn’t make it. No one from his undergraduate university was advising him to keep his options open. He set a goal, and went for it. He believed he could become a dentist. He has been practicing now for twenty eight years. He never heard any discouragement. He was successful in pursuing his dream of becoming a dentist.

My youngest son is a gifted musician. He plans on studying business, yet his intention is to be a recording artist. Why is it, that most people, and I mean like a high percentage of people, when they find out that he plans on pursuing a music career, find it necessary to discourage him. I know when my husband decided the direction for his life, he got encouragement. So, here is my question for you.

How much do you allow, other’s opinion of you and your decisions, affect you? Seriously, do you allow it any weight?

I have a basic rule that I live by. I’ll accept encouragement, receive it, enjoy it, and give it validity. If you are offering discouragement, not so much. Here is the reason why. There have been studies that have shown that discouragement over time has significant impact on the success of  an individual. Here is what that means, if you listen and give credence to the negativity, you are decreasing your opportunity for success. So, don’t listen to it. It doesn’t serve you. None of it, ever.

So, my son was playing piano and singing during church recently. Afterward, a woman called the house to encourage him to pursue his music. What a huge blessing! She doesn’t know that nearly every time he is asked about his plans for his future, he is being told to have a back up plan. He is discouraged from pursuing his dream. This woman’s call was significant. My son received it, enjoyed it, and gave it validity, thereby increasing his opportunity for success.

I’m going to ask again.

Are you listening to other people’s opinion of what you should do?
Do you allow, listen to, the nay sayers?
Do you see how that can have a direct affect on your success?

I say, go ahead and put the rose colored glasses on, they will allow you to stay focused on your dream, and improve your opportunity for success, as you pursue your dream.

I’m hoping you are getting some encouragement along the way of pursuing your dream.

It will serve you well. It will increase your opportunity for success. It will be a blessing.

Strength: Stand firm, and don’t listen to those that say you can’t.

Dignity: It’s your choice to pursue your dream, don’t allow anyone to take it from you.

Grace: If this is new to you, forgive yourself for listening to others, and begin selective hearing, of the voice, yours, that says you can.

I’d really like to hear your experiences of listening to others, or of your success in believing enough in yourself, not to listen to others doubt of your success.

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