Do This, Don't Do This

Are you a member of the ADA?

You should be.

I can’t imagine being part of an industry, and not being a member of their Association. Membership has it’s benefits.


Helping All Members Succeed

(The mission statement for the ADA)

   Core Values

  • Commitment to Members
  • Integrity
  • Exellence
  • Commitment to the Improvement of Oral Health (aren’t you?)
  • Science/Evidence-Based

I believe in membership within one’s industry, speaking from experience, I’m a member of Expert Industry Association, (for those of us in personal development – Speakers, trainers, writers, coach/mentors).


Don’t do this alone-being a dentist.

If you aren’t sure that membership is for you; make an informed decision, talk with peers that are members AND non-members. Talk with Dental School Professors, visit Chicago and the headquarters for the ADA.

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