Don’t Let Marketers Scare You, Dentistry is Great

I’m boiling angry. That doesn’t happen often. Sure, I get frustrated. I might even talk to my computer. Typically, I don’t get boiling angry. Yet, I AM!!!

I’m sure I get many of the emails you do. Lists, opt-ins, and marketing has no idea I’m not a dentist. I subscribe to see what’s out there. And some of my colleagues put out some quality programs. Here’s the thing, every single one of them tell you how bad the future of dentistry is. How awful it is for the solo practitioner. I DISAGREE!!!

If you plant an orange seed, what do you get? An orange tree. If you plant a corn seed (a kernel of corn), you get corn. When you plant the seeds of fear, scarcity, and lack, guess what you get? Fear, scarcity, and lack.

When you buy into the thought that there is too much competition, that the economy is horrible, that there aren’t enough patients and insurance reimbursements are awful, it will be for you. Plain and simple. thoughts are seeds.

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”

Napoleon Hill

Recommended reading to combat negative Dental Marketing

Recommended reading to combat negative Dental Marketing

Do you really want to do business with people that lead with negativity? It is not my habit to bash others. I’m encouraging you to proceed with caution when someone leads with fear and negativity. I was masterminding with a colleague that has a hugely successful marketing company. She was appalled by marketers in the Dental Industry and their tactics. You know, Dentistry It’s Personal is not a marketing company. So, it’s not like I’m bashing com

petition. I’m not in competition with marketing companies. We do something wholly different here.

Sure, we can help you increase your profits and patient load. It’s not through marketing. It’s through daily practices, and shifting your mindset. We specialize in personal/professional development which impacts your whole life prosperity. Bottom line, don’t believe what the dental marketers out there want you to believe unless you allow them to control your thinking. Then it will be true for you.

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