(Don't) Burn, Baby, Burn


Read this experience from a fellow dentist:

“In retrospect, I barely noticed that while I was ‘improving’ my practice, I had became distant from my family, firepushed my staff harder and harder and had stopped going out. My wish was to do well and keep things moving forward, but it seemed everyone around me became more and more unhappy with me.

I dealt with it by increasing my obsessive, compulsive behaviors in order to get more done, control things better and try to please everybody.

Then one day I woke up and asked myself, ‘Why do I feel so unhappy?’….”  (read the full story here)

Have you experienced it? Does it sound, or rather, feel familiar?  Do you know this feeling of burnout?  Of stress?  Of unhappiness?  

According to the Oral Health Group, Dentists have 2.5 times the rate of stress disorders and 25% higher blood pressure than the average American.

Many dentists medicate to relieve their stress.  Unfortunately, this can only have limited results.

According to the Clinical Psychology journal, a meta-analysis found that therapy, exercise and other non-drug strategies worked better to reduce stress and actually change the chemicals in our brain naturally.

That’s where we come in.  At Dentistry It’s Personal, we know that we have the answer.  Is that a big claim?  Maybe.  But I won’t flinch from it.  Because it’s true.

I have a true and scientific understanding of how your brain works and I have been helping transform lives for 20 years.  I work with dentists to scientifically assist them to reduce their stress levels with ‘Best Practices for the Brain’.

There is hope. We can help you.   

I am passionate about doing so.  So if you need help or hope or happiness or stress relief, you’re in the right place!

(Don’t) Burn (out), Baby Burn.

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