Don’t Be Surprised

Okay, this may come as a surprise. When you effectively come from a vision/goal/dream, and take action, from where you are, with what you have, you increase the probability, of your vision coming true. If you’ve been able to really hold the thought that your vision will/is happening, it will. So, why are you surprised, even shocked?

Are you surprised when the laws of gravity, occur? How about, when electrical wiring is done according to code, and an outlet works, are you shocked? I’m sure you aren’t. When invoking the Universal laws of gravity and electricity, we expect them to work. When invoking the Universal Law of Physics, that a seed must produce in kind, that which is of it’s nature, we also expect that.

dentist vision, gratitude, feel the emotions

This became…


dentist vision, gratitude, feel the emotion

This…Just like I visioned in my mind

If you think from (desired) results, that is the only thing that will be produced. It’s not surprising, it’s physics, not magic, luck, or happenstance. The seed of your thoughts, must produce what you are thinking.

Let’s go back and examine what we are thinking. We want more production, we want more time for (fun – being specific – in what that fun looks like, ie; golf, hiking, travel, working out), or we want an emotion like joy or happiness. Whatever it is that you are wanting, stating it in the positive. We write out, on a piece of paper, with our hand, the exact thing that we want. We say it in the positive, not what we don’t want. We use expressive language, how we feel when this occurs.

This is our vision. We review it numerous times a day. We express gratitude, as if it has already occurred. In your mind, you picture it completed. Feel the actual emotions, as if it is done. Relief over the desired bank balance, and gratitude.

When this comes to fruition, why would you be surprised? You have held the vision in your mind. You’ve already lived the emotions. You’ve taken action. None of the outcome should be surprising. Are you surprised when you plug a lamp into a socket, that the Universal Laws that govern electricity work? I know the answer is no.  Being able to hold your vision in your mind, and see it through to the physical manifestation, bringing thought into form, takes practice. The chair you sit in, at first was a thought, then became a thing – a chair.

I’ve worked with Dentists specifically with this, and they have 100% success with their desired results. You can too. Think about this, it’s not surprising.

If you want help with this process, reach out to us, here at Deanna@DentistryitsPersonal, I’m a real person, and I’ll answer your email.

We want you to get to the point that you aren’t surprised, by your results.

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