Doing More with Way Less

Have you ever felt like you can’t possibly work any harder? Do you feel just a little bit like a hamster on a wheel? I have. More than once.


How do you move from that point? You begin, with what it is you want. Yes, it sounds simple. And yet, it’s the only way to begin. Decide what it is that you want. Let’s use a four-day work week as an example. You want to work less.


Decide what days you want to work. For example, Monday through Thursday. If you currently are working Fridays, set a date, within a couple of weeks, and beginning today, don’t schedule any patients on Fridays. If you currently work on Friday, begin to reschedule anyone on your calendar, to another day.


Going forward, Fridays aren’t an option (unless there is a holiday where you won’t be seeing patients, then, you may want  to schedule a Friday, on that particular week). If you have scheduled hygiene on Fridays, then make sure that another day will work for your hygienist, and begin to reschedule them to another day of the week.


On Fridays, if you have something you want to do, begin to do so, on a particular date – not more than two weeks away, on a Friday. What is meant by this, is taking pretty immediate action. Once you have an idea, you want to take action on it quickly.


Spending time doing what you love, brings more value to your life.

Spending time doing what you love, brings more value to your life.


What you will find, is that you will  be more productive, when you are actually in the office. You will utilize your time better. Your schedule will fill around the time you are seeing patients. Also, because you committed to having more time for you, you will see that your income, will begin to increase, because your life has expanded for time that you get to spend as you choose.


The important piece of this, is to keep your vision of what it is you are wanting in front of you. Review your vision numerous times a day. Make sure you are offering gratitude, in anticipation of that which you want.


Here is an example: “I am grateful, I enjoy seeing patients four days a week, I am able to fully serve my practice and patients, and I am productive and fully present when I am at the office. On Fridays, I love spending time in nature, going for long bike rides, and spending time with my family around the lake.”


Doing more with way less, is not only possible, it most likely is desirable. I have used the example of working fewer days, this will work with whatever it is that you are wanting to decrease in your life.  


I will be going over this in my new MasterClass on May 3rd. Click here to attend, or if the time doesn’t work for you, register, and listen at your earliest convenience. I’ll see you in class.

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